Whole 30 Day 9

Today’s post will be short and sweet as I tackle all of the leftovers in my fridge.

How I’m Feeling

I miss cheese. I miss pizza. But I’m not craving these things. Does that make sense?

I am still feeling quite bloated and I don’t have much of an appetite. My energy levels are better but the weather is making me want to curl under a blanket for a little while.

I am currently laying under a blanket catching up on This is Us. My anxiety levels are higher than what I would call “normal” but not by much. I have a growing to-do list, which I think I have done a good job tackling it, but I just needed a moment to relax and have some me time.

What I Ate

Breakfast: Egg muffins saved the day

Lunch: Leftover soup and chicken (same as yesterday)

Snack: An orange, some walnuts, and a banana

Dinner: Leftover shrimp and some butternut squash noodles


Days 10 and 11 are expected to be the worst. If that’s the case, let’s do this.

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